Just a few days ago we ran a segment on former Gators quarterback Eric Kresser. In that segment, we highlighted Kresser’s biggest game of the season was against Northern Illinois where he threw a 96 yard touchdown pass to Jacquez Green. In this spotlight segment, we are going to shine the light on Kresser’s target and teammate, Jacquez Green.

It all began for Green in Fort Valley, GA, where Green attended Peach County High School.

Green’s interest started early on in life, with the help of his family. “My Aunt got me interested in football when I was eight,” Green said. “Now it has become part of the culture in my hometown of Fort Valley, Ga.”

Green went on to say once the residents of Fort Valley saw that they could get out of the area by playing sports, it became the thing to do.

“Everybody wanted their son to play football,” Green said.

Green was a talented athlete who played a variety of sports while attending Peach County High school. Throughout his High school career, Green played the majority of snaps at quarterback for the Trojans. Green also played one season as a wide receiver and running back, the year they lost the AAA State Championship.

“It was tough losing the Championship my Junior year,”Green said. “I never really knew how good of a team it was til years later.”

Green remembers exactly how the recruiting process went when he was searching for a school.

“Spurrier compared me to some wide receivers on their current roster and told me my skill set reminded them of that particular player,” Green said. “I was very knowledgeable about football at an early age, I knew their roster up and down.”

But the Gators weren’t the only school Green was thinking about attending.

“I really liked Alabama,” Green said. “I also liked Auburn but they wanted me to play corner back.”

Ultimately, Green made the decision to join the University of Florida because the school hadn’t yet won a National Championship, it wasn’t far from Georgia, and he wanted to play against other SEC teams.

Green loved to play at the University of Florida and loved his head coach, Steve Spurrier.

“It was great to play for Coach Spurrier,”Green said. “I got to play for a coach who said exactly what you were thinking.”

Coach Spurrier often gave Green and the team advice that has stuck with them to this day.

“Coach Spurrier would tell us that you are only as good as your last game,” Green said. “He would also tell us, when a team beats you, they have all of the answers.”

Green’s most memorable time at Florida weren’t just the Championships that he won but the small things as well.

“I remember the opposing defensive back’s looks when they would stop and watch us warm-up,” Green said. “The fact that we knew we would win, it was just a matter of by how much.”

Green also recalls fellow receiver Reidel Anthony practicing touchdown dances in the dorm his freshman season.

Green said that he still talks to a lot of his friends from the University of Florida and likes the fact that he can reach out to Gator Nation in all aspects of life.

Green’s advice to younger players is to get people you trust in your corner.

“Most of these advisers don’t have the best interest of the athlete,” Green said. “Its to promote their business or to line their pocket by using the athlete as a pawn.”

After a successful stint in the NFL, Green has now been helping develop younger players as a High School football coach. Green coached at Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, FL, and is now coaching at the rival school Godby High School in Tallahassee.

We want to thank Green for taking the time to relive the past with us and we wish him nothing but the best with his coaching career.

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