One of the top prospects left on the Gators board was looking more and more likely to become a Gator. The Gators were helping him work through his injury and were in the hunt. Herbert, then decomitted from Michigan last week. This gave the Gators a good feeling, knowing that they had Herbert in the Swamp the last weekend before National Signing Day. But boy were they wrong.

Herbert decided last night to forgo his trip to the swamp and commit to the Miami Hurricanes, leaving a lot in Gator Nation stunned.

The Gators Coaching staff has already been on thin ice with fans for the lack of production in the recruiting process. A lot of fans were holding on the fact that we had some much top talent waiting until National Signing Day to sign, Herbert being one. But that plan may be in jeopardy as well.

Being down an Offensive Line coach undoubtedly hurt the Gators here with Herbert. It’s hard for a player to commit to the vision, without the coach there telling him exactly what his vision is. It’s instances like this that drive Gator Nation crazy.

Losing out on Herbert won’t ultimately make or break this class. But having him would have helped propel the Gators recruiting rankings into a better position for the fans. Top 20 classes, if we can achieve that, isn’t going to cut it.

We wish Herbert the best of luck in Miami and we know that Miami is getting a fine player. We will see you in 2019!

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