With the Gators hosting top level talent this weekend, a lot of Gator fans are nervous that since no one committed that these players aren’t interested. That is not the case. We will break down each of our top targets and let you know where we believe the Gators stand with the recruit.

#1 Devon Hunter 

The number 1 recruit on our board that the Gators hosted is Devon Hunter, for good reason. This dude is a great athlete and can come in and contribute for the Gators right away. Hunter has built a great relationship with Coach Gray dating back from when Gray was at Virginia Tech. This is a intense battle with Virginia Tech for Hunter. Hunter is from Virginia but we believe once you get down to the warm weather, you don’t leave. As the Ol’ Head Ball Coach said people wait their entire lives to move to Florida, and you get that opportunity today. You don’t pass that up! But ultimately, we believe when he makes his decision Friday, he will be playing in the SEC as a Florida Gator.

Final Prediction: UF 60% VT 40%

#2 Levi Jones

Probably the biggest name that came into Gainesville this weekend was Levi Jones. Since the Gators lost both Jared Davis and Alex Anzalone, Line Backer is a definite position of need for the Gators. Levi Jones is someone who can step in immediately and contribute to the Gators Defense. Jones’s father used to play for Gators Defensive Coordinator Randy Shannon, and Jones has known Shannon for awhile. Jones has expressed interest in leaving Texas, so we feel this battle is between rivals Florida State and Florida. We believe Jones will follow his dads footsteps and play for Randy Shannon. A relationship like Jones and Shannon have cannot be rebuilt at FSU. Especially since Shannon is the Defensive Coordinator, I like our chances with Levi Jones.

Final Prediction: UF 80% FSU 20%

#3 Jarez Parks

Jarez Parks is an outstanding Defensive End from my hometown of Sebastian, FL. Parks grew up watching the University of Florida and had the Gators as a leader early in the cycle. But things have since cooled off for the Gators with other programs like Alabama and Florida State creeping up. The trip to Gainesville went very well but will it be enough to keep Parks at home? We believe it’s down to Florida and Alabama. And Offensive Lineman Martez Ivy said it best, “I don’t want to stay in Alabama, I want to stay here in Florida. I figure I can change lives for people in Florida, so that’s where I want to go.” We hope Parks shares a similar feeling as the Gators could sure use his talents.

Final Prediction: UF 50% BAMA 50%

#4 James Robinson IV

Robinson and the Gators clicked early on in the recruiting process. Things cooled off over some time as the Gators went after Peoples-Jones but the Gators have spent a lot of time trying to show Robinson the love again. I believe that the amount of time and effort the Gators are putting into Robinson will be beneficial to them. I believe that Robinson wants to be a Gator but was looking for the Gators to want him to be their receiver. The Gators are making a huge effort to land him and Gator commit DaQuon Green is helping out as well. We ultimately see Robinson staying in state and joining Gator Nation, come National Signing Day.

Final Prediction: UF 95% CLEMSON 5%

#5 Elijah Blades

Blades has been committed to the Gators since last June, pretty much before anyone was really interested in him. The relationship the Gators have built with Blades in this time frame is why they continue to lead. Blades knows and understands the Gators are #DBU and he could come and and work to start immediately. USC is making a push to keep Blades in California and Nebraska wants him as well. But we ultimately see him as a Gator, there is nothing in Nebraska but corn and tornadoes.

Final Prediction: UF 90% USC 10%

These are our top 5 recruits that we are hoping to land by national signing day. We see the Gators are very much in play with all five recruits at this time. We believe only two of the five recruits may waver on the Gators. But ultimately we only want the players who want to be Gators. After all, Gators take care of Gators.

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