Kai-Leon Herbert is a four star offensive tackle from American Heritage High School. Herbert had the Gators leading his recruiting process early on but Michigan snagged him up in July.

However, Herbert has chipped a bone in his shoulder and the Gators are helping him through the process.

Some teams will back off recruits when they hear about an injury of any sort, not the Gators. The Gators have actually been helping Herbert find doctors and letting Herbert know that the injury doesn’t scare them and they want him to be apart of the family.

Herbert is still sold on Michigan as of now but has scheduled trips to Auburn, Miami and Florida.

Herbert will be in Florida on January 27th so his parents can get a feel of what the University of Florida is like and what it can offer Herbert.

Herbert currently attends High School with James Houston and Marco Wilson, both who are already committed to Florida and would love to see their teammate join them. Another one of Herbert’s teammates considering Florida is Tedarrell Slaton, who we highlighted yesterday.

If Houston and Wilson can lure Herbert to Gainesville, the Gators will have some of the best freshman chemistry around. Gainesville may be the perfect balance of away from home but within driving distance for Herbert to want to stay.

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