With the recent new of OL Coach Summers leaving the Gators in favor of Louisville, it has left the Gators down a positions coach. The Gator Nation fans want that gap filled right now.

If you browse over Twitter over the last few days, you see the Gator fans increasingly angry over the lack of priority the Gators have placed on hiring a new Assistant Coach. Will they do it before National Signing Day or after? The fans are weary that not having a coach will translate into a worse recruiting class.

Of course the Gators recruiting class, as it currently stands, is cause enough for Gator fans to be questioning the Coaching staff. But I am here to shed some light on the issues in hopes that the fans will listen and understand somethings.

First off, I get the fact that the Gators need to hire a new Coach. However, I do not believe that it is vital to their recruiting process. We are the University of Florida, our brand is one of the, if not the best in the Nation. We will attract top talent in our search for a new Coach.

Coach Mac has already fielded offers from many well qualified NFL coaches wanting to fill the void here at UF. Right now, we need to focus on finishing up strong with our recruits so that we can slide into the top 10 with this class. A position coach, especially the O-Line coach, needs to be thought about and selected carefully. This isn’t something you should do out of desperation. Take your time and find the best suited Coach that will make our O-Line better and prepare our family for their dreams in the NFL.

Second point, stop downing our commitment class. We all know that our biggest recruits, for the most part, aren’t going to announce until around or on National Signing Day. Let the process play out. Trust our recruiters. I firmly believe by the time National Signing Day roles around, we will have the top 10 class we were looking for.

Let’s not jump to conclusions Gator Nation. Everything will be alright, a top 20 class is great, but our top 10 class will be better. We will get that coach you want so well just allow the Gators the time needed to go through he field and make sure we get the best coach available.

As always, Gators take care of Gators. These commits are committing to the vision we offer. We are the greatest brand in the world, who wouldn’t want that?  Also, what other school will your head coach make you a PB&J sandwich?

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