I was first sent film by a buddy of mine who said,”You have got to check out this guys film!” I hear this all the time, so I wasn’t really expecting much whenever I started watching the film. It didn’t take long for Thomas to catch my attention.

It’s hard enough to imagine that Thomas is just a sophomore, standing at 6’4 320 pounds from Louisiana. But when you flip on his tape, he is playing well beyond his years.

We sat down with the Sophomore Thomas to get a feel of his recruitment so far. I will lead with the fact that Thomas is the most well mannered person I have spoken with. He was extremely polite and gracious throughout the interview and that alone will take him far in life.

Thomas, or “Mr.Pancake”, got his name from @True19s, which is an information source for rising football players across the country. Thomas said that the film they were watching, all they saw was me pancake blocking so they gave me that nickname.

Thomas first got interested in playing football at an early age by his dad, Carl Thomas, who played football at LSU. Thomas grew up a fan of Clemson, because he liked the colors but never really had a favorite football team.

I asked Thomas what the driving factor was behind the LSU Commitment he stated, “Coach Cam has recruited me since the 8th grade.” That coupled with meeting the players and spending time in Death Valley is why he committed.

Even though Thomas has committed to LSU, Thomas says that he is open to hearing what other schools have to say. Thomas currently holds a top 5 of LSU,Bama, Tennssee, Texas, Georgia, in that order.

“The teams that are below LSU right now just need to recruit me harder,” Thomas said. “I would like to meet with their coaches and position coaches and spend time checking out their school.”

Speaking of School, Thomas doesn’t want to attend school just for football. Thomas said that academics will play a big role in which school he decides to attend. “Academics is a big thing for me,” Thomas said. “I will also factor in things like the amount of lineman schools have and relationships with the coaches.”

Thomas doesn’t know yet if he wants to stay home for school or go away, saying that he has two years to think about it. One thing Thomas did mention, was that his mother has to like the school and feel comfortable with him going there, for him to select a school.

Thomas says he would be willing to play either offensive or defensive line in college depending on where the school needs him at.

Since Thomas is currently an LSU commit, I asked him what he thought of the goal line stand by the Gators defense this past year. “If I was blocking Guice would have scored,” Thomas said.

Thomas has shown at a young age he has incredible talent and maturity. It would benefit the Gators, as well as any team, to start paying more attention to Thomas. Thomas wants to be the best at his position and has put in the hard work to make it happen.

We ultimately hope Thomas ends up at the University of Florida but the Gators would have a lot of persuading to do. Best of luck to Thomas as he continues his journey to the class of 2019.

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