Justin Birdsong is a 6’0 175lb defensive back from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Birdsong runs a 4.46 40 and recorded 2 interceptions, 8 pass breakups, 81 tackles and 2 forced fumbles last year for Stephenson High School. Birdsong plays fast on tape and uses good technique to help put him in position to make plays on the ball. But what I like most about Birdsong, is his ability to tackle. Birdsong isn’t afraid to lower his shoulder and get in on a play, and when he does, he usually completes the tackle.

Birdsong has been playing the game of football since his uncles introduced it to him at the age of five.

“My Uncles are the ones who really got me interested in playing football to be honest,” Birdsong said. “I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old and just really enjoy the sport.”

Birdsong is already attracting some D1 schools but is still actively seeking offers.

“I have five offers right now,” Birdsong said. “From Navy, Howard, Central Michigan, Appalachian State and Army.”

Birdsong says that he is blessed with the schools currently recruiting him but would love to add some more offers to the list, especially from Florida where his trainer works with ex-Gator running back Mack Brown.

“I would love to have offers from schools like Notre Dame, Memphis, South Carolina and Florida,” Birdsong said. “My trainer works with Mack Brown a lot, so it would be great to get a offer from the University of Florida for sure.”

It’s not just Birdsong’s abilities on the field that makes teams want his services. Birdsong holds a 3.4 GPA and possess the character traits that many coaches would love to have in their locker room.

Ultimately when it comes to making a decision on which school Birdsong will attend, he has a couple requirements the school must meet.

“I want to attend a school that can help me academically and that has my major,” Birdsong said. “But I also want to go and play for coaches who want to compete and win.”

Speaking of competing, Birdsong plans to compete in the Rivals Camp in April and attend the Opening in Charlotte.

Birdsong is also planning a trip up to South Bend to visit Notre Dame in May.

We appreciate Birdsong sitting down with us and wish him the best of luck on his recruitment going forward.

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