We sat down to spotlight a player that surprisingly hasn’t gotten a lot of attention lately, Chigoziem Okonkwo. Okonkwo is a big physical receiver, a man among boys as you can see from his tape. Okonkwo’s size allows him to overpower defenders in press coverage and block better than a lot of wide outs. But if I am going to forecast him in NCAA, where competition is similar in size etc. I think that tight end is the best spot for Okonkwo.

Watching Okonkwo on film, seeing his size and speed, reminds me a lot of a former Gator great, Jordan Reed.

Growing up Okonkwo was an avid tennis player and didn’t know very much about American football.

“I grew up playing tennis and didn’t know much about football until my friend told me I should play,” Okonkwo said. “I used to YouTube videos of Reggie Bush and I wanted to be just like him, he was amazing, so I played running back and when I scored my first touchdown I knew that I loved football.”

Currently Okonkwo doesn’t hold a single offer, which is what surprises me the most. His size and physical ability alone would warrant offers but he is also a standout in the classroom and a leader on his team.

“I am a leader on the team and try to lead by example,” Okonkwo said. “You have to compete hard in everything you do, you can’t take any plays off or any sets in the weight room off.”

Despite not having any offers yet, Okonkwo is still optimistic about his chances at playing the sport he loves in college.

“I haven’t gotten any offers yet but I have some schools that I would love to receive an offer from,” Okonkwo said. “I would like Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Florida and Stanford.” Okonkwo said.

Okonkwo is interested in playing either wide receiver or tight end at the next level.

“If I get faster I would definitely be playing wide receiver in college,” Okonkwo said. “If I get bigger, then I will play tight end.”

But it’s not all about playing time for Okonkwo at the next level. Okonkwo wants to go to a school to also get a good educaiton.

“I obviously want to go to a good football team but education is important to me as well,” Okonkwo said. “One time I got a “C” on a progress report and my dad called the basketball coach and got me kicked off the team.”

Okonkwo was able to get back on the team when he pleaded with his dad that the grades weren’t even final yet and he would be able to raise it.

When it comes to committing to a school, Okonkwo would like to commit early on in the process so that he could early enroll in the University.

“I am on track with my credits to be able to early enroll in a University,” Okonkwo said. ” I would like to take advantage of that so that I can get on campus quicker and help my team.”

Okonkwo was in Florida over the weekend and enjoyed the visit and what the coaches at Florida preach. Okonkwo also participated in the 7 on 7 tournament and lost in the semi-finals this weekend.

We want to thank Okonkwo for sitting down with us for this interview and wish him the best of luck.

Update: 2/15/17 – Okonkwo has received his first offer from Colorado State!

Update: 2/16/17 – Okonkwo has received his second offer from Troy University!

Update: 3/17/17 – Okonkwo has received offers from Marshall, Georgia Tech and Navy

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