We receive a lot of film from players across the country to review in our Player Spotlight segments. Usually, our players are well known prospects but every now and again, someone will shoot us tape of an unknown player that will leave us in awe.

That is 2018 recruit Taurrian Stafford.

Stafford stands at 6’4 and 321 lbs and he absolutely demolishes at the Center and Guard positions. Watching his tape I found Stafford putting the majority of the defenders on their back. Stafford also has a couple highlights reminiscent of Michael Oher, driving the defenders back until the whistle blows.

After viewing the tape we decided to sit down with Stafford and try to get a feel for who he is and what he wants to accomplish.

Stafford grew up seeing his family play football, which motivated him to become a football player himself.

“I grew up watching all my family play football and that made me want to play as well,” Stafford said. “I realized that football was a way to get me out of the low income neighborhood and get me into a good college.”

As it currently stands, Stafford has one offer from FAMU but is talking to a lot of other schools.

“Right now I got an offer from FAMU but I have been talking with a lot of other schools and I hope I am fortunate enough to obtain more offers,” Stafford said.

Stafford’s main focus is on furthering his education.

“I am extremely focused on my education because football isn’t always forever,” Stafford said. “You can always fall back on your degree.”

Stafford would like to major in Accounting or Education when he attends a University.

While Stafford said he would be blessed to go to any school, he is really hoping to pick up an offer from the University of Florida.

“I really like the Gators and I have my brother from another mother that goes there Telly Telfort,” Stafford said. “It would be a blessing to receive an offer from them.”

Stafford said Gators aren’t the only school he would like to attend and the team that offers him would be getting a very hard worker.

“I am an extremely hard worker and want to become the strongest on the team,” Stafford said. “I would set an example on and off the field, help my community and give back.”

Stafford is a very well mannered man and would be a benefit to any organization that offers him. We want to thank Stafford for taking the time to sit with us and tell us his story. Best of luck.

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