Two five star recruits will be making their way to Gainesville this weekend. Defensive End LaBryan Ray has been scheduled for awhile but the surprise here is Defensive End K’Lavon Chaisson. The Gators were able to talk Chaisson into canceling his official visit to Southern Cal and come to Gainesville instead.

As of now, Chaisson has stated that his top two schools are LSU and Texas. However, the Gators have been making a push for him this past month and are glad to be getting a visit.

The Gators currently have four star Defensive End commit Zach Carter on board but would be more than excited to add another quality player if they get the chance.

The Gators were at one point likely to get LaBryan Ray but things have cooled off since and it looks as though he may end up in Alabama. If the Gators are able to wow one of these five star recruits this weekend, it would definitely help propel their draft class up the rankings.

The Gators are known for producing NFL caliber Defensive lineman. Let’s hope that Coach Rumph can add either Ray or Chaisson to that list.

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