It is know secret that the Florida Gators know how to recruit, train and produce quality defensive lineman. Just take a look at the recent picks in Jonathan Bullard, Dante Fowler, Dominique Easley, Alex McAllister, Ronald Powell, the list is very lengthy.

With the upcoming departure of Defensive Tackle standouts Caleb Brantley (who should go in the 1st round) and Joey Ivie, the Gators are looking to add talent at that position.

Breyon Gaddy and his brother Brandon are set to make an official visit to the Swamp on January 27th. Gaddy was a former Tennessee commit, currently committed to Maryland.

Gaddy knows that the Gators are in desperate need of Defensive Tackles to continue the tradition here at the University of Florida. He understands that with hard work Coach Rumph will add him into the Defensive Tackle rotation as a freshman.

But early playing time isn’t everything Gaddy will be look for on January 27th. Gaddy is also very interested in seeing how the players interact with the coaching staff. He wants to see if Florida has the feeling of being at home, which is what made him commit to Maryland.

I have a feeling the Gaddy brothers will feel right at home at the Swamp. Coach Rumph and his staff has a knack for developing players, and playing at the University of Florida, you form a bond with your teammates. It’s definitely a family atmosphere.

Gaddy said he will be looking to make his commitment after his official visit to Florida on January 27th.

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