The nation’s best cornerback Jalen “Teez” Tabor has decided to forego his Senior year at the University of Florida to realize his dreams of playing in the NFL.

Tabor will undoubtedly be a first round pick in this years 2017 NFL Draft and has the skills to start immediately. Tabor led the Florida Gators (DBU) in interceptions this season with four, despite teams often never throwing the ball his way.

You can read about his decision here

I remember my first time stumbling upon then Jalen Tabor while watching the Under Armour All-American game. I was previously unaware of his talent but by watching the game, I quickly saw qualities I loved.

Tabor played very physical with the receivers, he was aggressive and wasn’t afraid to lower his shoulder and hit somebody. These are some qualities you don’t see in Defensive Backs regularly.

That is when I first became a fan of Jalen Tabor.

The fandom was short lived, at first. Moments after seeing his amazing talents and skills on display, Tabor was setting up for his commitment on air. It’s been awhile, but I believe it was between Alabama, Florida, Maryland and Arizona.

I began thinking to myself, it’s got to be between ‘Bama and us (Florida). I knew that we have been DBU (Defensive Back University) for awhile now, so I knew, just knew he would choose to become a Gator.

Tabor ended up originally choosing to play at Arizona. (for who knows why) I was admittedly a little taken back. I think my words were something like, “You can go to the University of Florida and you choose Arizona?” I was disappointed but that didn’t last long.

The very next week, in another stunning move, Tabor flipped his commitment to the University of Florida and he would enroll early. I was elated by the announcement and excited to see him alongside my then favorite corner VH3 (Vernon Hargreaves 111).

From his freshman days, I knew we had a good one in Tabor. With Hargreaves and Tabor on the field, I felt like no one could throw on us, and they proved me right. Soon we would add in Quincy Wilson, who should be rightfully mentioned among these top DB’s as well.

For three years Teez locked it down for the Florida Gators. For three years Teez gave Offensive Coordinators, Quarterbacks and Receivers nightmares and headaches. But most importantly, for three years, Teez gave me someone I could look up to and cheer on as my favorite player for the Florida Gators.

Now that the season is over, and Tabor has decided to move onto the NFL I too feel nostalgia. But I realize that everybody has dreams, and I am excited to see him tackling his.

To Teez I say this, you got to represent Gator Nation in the NFL. You turned the Swamp into a no fly zone every game. Hands down, you’re part of the reason we are DBU. 100% I would hate to be a Offensive Coordinator, Quarterback or Receiver in the NFL going up against you next season. Just like I came out to the Swamp to see you play numerous times, I will come out and see you play in the NFL (If you play close enough for me to at least).

Thank you for giving us your all,

Signed your #1 fan,

Gator Nation


P.S – You were the best Cornerback the University of Florida has put out, don’t tell Vernon!

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