Marcell Harris has announced in a Tweeted message his intentions to return to the University of Florida for his Senior season. Though I must admit that the letter, at first, sounded like another one of the Gators highly talented Defensive Backs might be leaving early.

Harris was a key part of Florida’s defensive success and DBU (Defensive Back University) label. Harris accounted for 73 tackles, two interceptions, one forced fumble and a sack this season. But Harris is probably more known for his goal line stop at LSU (Beast Mode).

Harris who gained a starting position this year, has played this season a lot more consistently and the tape shows it. Harris was able to finish the season as the Gators leading tackler and was a true leader on the field.

Having Harris back is key to continuing the traditions here at DBU. Harris should start alongside Nick Washington next season, which could prove to be just as good of a combo as was Washington and Maye.

I for one look forward to the play making abilities of Harris back in the Swamp. Next time Harris, start out your message with, I am coming back #GatorNation… You had me worried for a bit!



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